1. How often should I wash my car?
Weekly… Washing once a week will properly maintain the paint and exterior of your vehicle.
2. Can I book online?
Sure you can! You can book car washes, purchase gift cards, and sign up vehicles for our unlimited program.
3. Is the car wash save for newly painted Cars?
Yes. The paint on your car is fully secured with our wide range of products that are eco-friendly and organic in nature. Organic products gives the extra shine to your car also helps the paints to strenghten the grips with the body of your car helping to increase the age of paint for atlest 2 more years. (On regular use of the products as suggested by our professionals).
4. What kind of soaps and car polishes do you use for a car wash?
We proudly use only ORGANIC & ECO-FRIENDLY Polishes and waxes to clean your car. Our Foam Wash is also the most advanced technique to clean your car. We use the anti-oxident solution which will increase the shine of your car and give it a new touch. All industry leading companies such as 3M, Formula 1, Motul and many more support and recommend our techniques to everyone. We can confidently say that we have the best porducts for your car detailing.
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